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Biological adhesives are designed to enhance or replace conventional methods of tissue repair such as sutures. These bonding agents reduce infection by eliminating foreign matter at the wound site. They also accelerate wound repair and improve the cosmetic appearance of the healed tissue. Laser activation of adhesives provides additional benefits, including a directed energy source for precise placement of tissue welds. Laser activated adhesives also offer an elegant solution for laparoscopic procedures that involve complex, minimally invasive and watertight repairs.

Our Solution
CEE's tissue adhesive products are based on proprietary technology that have been proven to reliably join large vasculature, skeletal, and gastrointestinal tissue. Our products also exhibit high strength, are resorbable, and they appear to be nontoxic and do not impair growth. Our measured tensile strengths at the joint site are a factor of ten stronger than values reported for tissue solders/sealants currently on the market or in clinical trials. We are currently preparing ten patent applications based on our technology.

Our tissue adhesive system is a fully integrated system comprised of the following four components:

• A miniature laser, designed for low cost manufacturing that performs as a directed energy source

• An optical probe for automated control of the laser output to stabilize temperature at the weld site

• A unique surgical hand piece

• A biomaterial that performs as a tissue solder when exposed to a specific laser wavelength. The solder material can be formulated as gels, solid films or liquids for application to the weld site.